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Trekking Beyond Pangot

The road beyond Pangot is thickly forested and isolated; you can drive on with no particular goal in view. Four kilometers from Pangot is the village of Guggu Khan (not a difficult walk). Just 2 km onwards is the KMVN’s Sigri Camp, an excellent area from which to see the koklass pheasant. About 2km ahead of this lies Vinayak and its panoramic views.

Village Walks

A very pleasant road meanders down from Pangot to the neighbor villages of Pali (30 min walk), Tusharpani (another 15min) and Baggar (yet another 30 min). Vistas of forested hills, fields of vegetables and slate- roofed houses are the highlights. In springtime, the red rhododendron and white apricot blossoms create a riot of color. The road is car – friendly too. Another downhill forest trail starts from the main Pangot road, on the opposite side from the post office. You can walk down an easy 2 km to a small Shiva shrine, near which runs a refreshing stream.

Recommended Treks Pangot

The popular trekking route from this area starts from Kilbury FRH to Nainital’s well-known China Peaks (now called Naina Peak), or to Tanki Band. From October to March, superb Himalayan views, especially of Nanda Devi, are guaranteed. Ask your hotel to organize a local guide.